Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Summer

Summer is here and now the days are longer. That's my new excuse and I'm sticking to it. I don't know what it is an excuse for but, hey. We are getting ready for Relay for Life. We have lots of cards to make. Our last craft fair wiped us out. It's funny how much time a little one takes up. But I wouldn't miss any of it. I feel so lucky to be part of her life. She is growing up so fast!

Sorry, got off track a little. Any way we will be getting back in the groove this year, I hope. I sort of missed the craft fairs last year. But it is just impossible to do them alone. Well I did do the last one alone and did really, really well. But we were inside which makes a big difference. I was having a creative block for a while. I was going out to my craft area and just staring at all the products I own. But nothing was coming to me.

There are so many creative blogs out there and you all are so creative it just get overwhelming at times. I want to find time to enter the Pink Stamper color challenge if I have time. The weekend is coming and I only have a couple of things happening. If I get up really early and get started I just might make it :). Yeah that's what I'll do. Sleep is over rated anyway, right?
God Bless, Ruth