Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday

I want to post something nice here tonight but am at a lose. I made it through the day, that is about all I can say. I didn't have a chance to do anything creative today, bummer. I was able to put together a few samples yesterday. I tried out a couple of things I saw on other people's Blogs, but theirs looked better.
Maybe I feel this way because two of my favorite bloggers are on a cruise and are not posting anything new for a whole week :(. I mean I am happy for them and all but... I NEED MY DAILY FIX! LOL.
I guess I will have to scope out some other blogs. I go to My Pink Stamper for my Cricut fix and these other two for my stamp fix. Then maybe the other thing that has me out of sorts is, it's National Scrapbook day on May first and I have too many plans to enjoy any of it. I want to go to the local Expo, just not alone. Bless his heart, my hubby said he would go with me, but that would be like me going to watch him play golf. No offence...BORING. It was a nice thought. I'll get over it. I hate it when I sound so, mean? so "poor me"? I don't know, sorry. That's why I didn't write anything last night. I sounded much worse, if you can imagine, LOL.
God Bless you all and have a wonderful evening.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is good

I was able to put together a few cards today, so I feel good about that. It was one of my pj days. I did a little house cleaning. Made a luggage tag for my daughter who is leaving for New York on Monday for a week long vacation. I made a video but still have to edit. It was okay, I made a very simple card inspired by one I saw in Paper Crafts Magazine last month. Cute for earth day. I cut my mother's hair. Took my son to church for a youth group activity then went back to pick him up. Emailed a friend who is getting married next month back east. watched a live video thing on facebook, too funny, these ladies. So that was my Saturday, and life is good. God Bless you all, have a great evening.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am on a roll...

down hill fast. No just kidding! It's Friday and who could be unhappy today? My dear hubby saw the fliers reminding me about the "Scrapbook Expo" at the Del Mar Fair Grounds on April 30 (can't go, have to work) and May 1st (we have something else) But maybe we can can sneak over after that. We will have to see. We didn't get to go last time either. But I can't remember why.
Okay so the picture thing is still working, so now I am going to try videos. My son needs to find the tripod. I want to share some of our ideas with everyone. We just have to get people over here, LOL.
Tonight at 7:00 my time "The Pink Stamper" is doing a live video feed. I got to see part of the last one. They are wild, people are typing in questions right and left. I don't know how they could catch anything that was said, it was amazing :). I can't wait.
I might try the video thing tomorrow if Alex finds the tripod. I will be home alone for a while, I think. I just need to find something to show. This should be interesting, LOL. But hey we all have to start some where.
God Bless you all and have a great evening.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My happy place

I am so excited that when I come on I can still see my cute creations on the blog! Now I have to get some of my friends to check it out and see if they can see the pictures too! Any way enough about the pictures, right?
I had a good day with the children at work. But when I get to finally come home and sit at my table all things disappear and I am in my "Happy Place." I don't have to think about work, well I have one thing to finish tonight for work but it won't take long once I get to it. Then I will get to sit and create. Oh yeah, I have to download some pictures for my daughter and email them to someone. Then I will get to create. Oh wait, I have to go finish the dishes, because I am the only one who eats around here. Then I will get to create, maybe. :) We won't even mention mom's taxi service. A mom's life is never her own.
I made a really cute card for my hubbies work, but forgot to take a picture of it! Bummer :(, it was really cute and took me a while to make. I guess I will just have to make another one. Well have to go do dishes so I can cross that off my list and be just that much closer to creativity time! God Bless you all and have a great evening.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I did it!!!!!!

I can't believe it, the picture is actually still there. I am so excited. I know most of you think I am being silly but the last time we tried to post pictures, we would come back and they would be gone. We were trying to get people to our site to see our stuff but all they saw was a blank square with an "x" in the corner. It was so frustrating. Now I need to send our site out there again.

Okay, okay, so what do you think of my "pumpkin pie"? I think it turned out really cute. I am going to send it over to the "chirp" closer to Thanksgiving. Now our blog won't look so plain. Now I really want to get this blog out there. I want us to share ideas too. These were little thank you bags I made for the staff at Thanksgiving. This wasn't even all of them. Circle punches and heart punches. I sat on evening while watching television and just punched and punched out all the shapes. Then put them in sets and went to work taping and gluing and distressing.
You can tell what sort of life I live when I get so excited over something like this but hey, what can I say. God bless you all and have a great afternoon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will the picture still be here tomorrow?

I must have went on line several times yesterday. Each time thinking to myself I need to write something on the blog. I would log off and remember and come back on. Then log off and remember and have to come back on. Never got there. Each time I would come back on I would go somewhere else and then forget again. You people are just so talented out there! I will start on one persons blog and end up all over the place. What's sad is this how my mind works All the time. I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. There is just too much information out there, LOL. You guys are great! I hope someday, someone besides me, gets to read this, oh well. Until then I will just keep writing.
Okay I am posting a picture of a "Pumpkin Pie" treat holder I made for Thanksgiving last year. I made it with the Tag, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge. I filled each one with M and M's. The turkey was made from circle punches and heart punches. Okay we will see if this is able to stay on our main Blog page.
The "youtube" videos are cool too. I would like to make some of those as well. I have seen some really good ones. I like to go back in time to my favorite sites and see how theirs started out. It's sort of funny to see how they evolved over time. So this makes me feel better. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay here we go again...

Sunday evenings always make me feel like I am getting ready to ride a roller coaster. Except we start at the top of the ride and it's all down hill from there. Then comes Friday and you are at the platform ready to exit the ride. I am not a real fan of roller coasters, do the math, lol.
I received a text from a friend for another graduation card. I had been having ideas in my head about one I wanted to do and this gave me the chance to do it. Becky and I went to Joanne's fabric store today. I bought a new pad of paper, well two actually one small pack and one 12 x 12. It has some cute animals on it and it also has some prints in it that could be used on some male cards. Of course the small pad of paper is all cute and pretty with pink and purple and some glitter paper. Those cards are easy to make. :) Hey what can I say. I also bought some other stuff I was running low on. I had a 50% off coupon, but everything I bought was on sale for 40% off, except the two spools of ribbon I bought for $1.00 each. These stores do this on purpose.
Every Sunday morning I go online real quick to check out this one blog, Dawn's stamping thoughts. She always has a christian video to watch. Even though I grew up listening to the old hymns, I so love the new stuff coming out. They really speak to my heart. You can't help to feel something inside.
God is always with us on matter what, you just have to be able to hand it over to him and let him be in charge of your life. When ever we try to take control without Him, that's when things don't work out. You just have to trust Him and give Him your all. That's all He is asking from you, it's so simple. I may be a very simple minded person, but like a child I run to Him always, as you would run to a parent. He is there for us. John 3:16 For God loved us all so much that he sent His ONLY son to die on a cold lonely cross to save us from sin. All we have to do is confess He is our Lord and savior. God bless you all and have a great evening.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love my Gypsy...

I love my Gypsy. I am learning how to design stuff. If I can see something in my mind I am doing pretty good at making it come to life. I have been wanting a pillow box pattern. I almost have it. A few more tweaks and I will have it. I can't wait to get a final design so I can cut one out and then start decorating it up.
I am home alone again while everyone else is out working and attending all afternoon birthday parties. I love my life, lol. I have a great area to call my own that has all the things I like to do in it. I have my computer for searching for ideas. I have my supply of paper, embellishments, flowers and of course my cricut expression. I have been looking for some more challenges and contests to enter. I was able to make my son a birthday card for his friend today and found a really cool element on Wild Card cricut cartridge.
I am always looking for some sort of male elements for card making. It's easy to make the cute or pretty card. My family is so funny I am always asking them what they think. I am so glad they are honest with me, they are always willing to put in their two cents worth. I can't wait until Becky is done with her social engagements and we can get back to making our cards together again. I miss that, we put on the music and create! We tried doing our cards via web cam once, but it just wasn't the same, it was fun but not AS much fun as being together.
I am lucky because I have a great craft "room". I have enough room to have four people at once doing some sort of craft and all the "junk" to do it with. A friend came over one time and said "boy you weren't kidding about having enough paper!". I think anyone who does paper crafting has a thing for paper. There are so many cool papers out there. You can never have too much! Am I right?
Well "today was good, today was fun, Tomorrow is another one" Dr. Seuss. God bless you all have a good evening.

Friday, April 16, 2010

How wonderful...

How wonderful it was to see my dear Aunt Rosie. She hasn't changed a bit. It was great to see her again. I wish there was more time. We were partly celebrating my mom's birthday tonight because she will be busy on her real birthday. She got some really good cards this year. One of my sisters works at CVS in the evenings. She always buys us singing cards. She got mom one that sang something about being old and being older than Methuselah. Of course we took all the usual pictures of everyone.
I am so glad it is Friday. We so need it to be. I was reading an article about a place that was giving their employees the chance to work four longer days and then have a three day weekend. I can almost do that now except there is no one to cover the extra day. And right now I am needed at home in the afternoons. I need to get a sign for my car that says "mom's taxi service." I have seen them before.
I also need the afternoon time to work on putting together more inventory for the business. We are using more than we can keep in stock and we are doing a lot of custom orders here and there. My husband will come in and announce that he needs a birthday card for someone at work. They used to pay me for them but haven't in a while. I guess they think it's good to know someone who can get them for nothing. :) I forgot to take a picture of the card I made for my mom. I ended up using the card I made last night for her birthday, because I forgot I had made her a card for Mother's Day already. Silly me, again it's part of getting old. I will put together a card to see if I like it and then put it away and forget I made it.
Well the evening has gotten away from me again. I don't think I have any plans for tomorrow. So hopefully I can get some stuff done. God bless you all and have a great evening.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Thursaday, It's Thursday or Friday Eve...

Just another day in the neighborhood. Went to work, did my job, headed home. BUT then, I had to put gas in my car. I hate doing that, especially on the way home from work. I always have to go potty, so here I am pumping gas and doing the potty dance. My family has learned long ago that when mom comes home get out of the way. There just isn't time to indulge in such trivial things like using the restroom at school. You don't have time. I mean it's go,go, go all day. It's not so bad since I had my hours cut, now I only have to hold it 6 hours instead of 8. I am getting to old for that sort of torture.
Then I came home and had just enough time to load my sons golf gear in the truck and head off to pick him up from school and then drive him to practice. I came back home for a couple of hours and then back to the golf course again. I was able to start a card for my mom's birthday, but it turned out so pretty that I might save it for Mother's Day. We'll see if I have time to put together another birthday card for her and my nephew by tomorrow night. Thank heavens I already have a baby card made for his girlfriend who is due next month.
My aunt, whom I haven't seen in at least 13 years, is in town for my moms birthday. She lives in Central Oregon. I can't wait to see her tomorrow night. My mom wants my husband to make her lasagna for her birthday, so he is. It's not my favorite, but then it's not my birthday either.
I will have to try and post my card I just finished it was inspired again from a picture in the latest Paper Craft Magazine. One of my favorite publications. Okay back to my cards, I won't have time after work tomorrow. God Bless and have a great evening.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whew, hump day Wednesday!

Okay the day started with me waking up just in time to jump into my work attire, thank heavens they are making us wear uniforms now. I ran the curling iron quickly through my hair, brushed my teeth and ran out the door. Pretty good for 10 minutes. Five o'clock comes so early in the morning. I should have seen this day coming when that happened.
I work at a child care center and the children are getting so excited for the end of the school to be here and so is the staff. They have been bouncing off the walls. All of the teachers have been saying the same thing. I really like my job because I feel like I am affecting our future. I have been in this field for about thirty years. I get paid to finger paint, play games, play on the floor with blocks and toys. What other job can boast that? Ever since my hours have been cut I am able to finally be a real mom to my baby (16). I guess it's never too late, right?
Okay I tried to work on the birdhouse some more but had to quit. It just wasn't happening for me. I am going to try again tonight. I have to take some more pictures and get those posted. Becky and I are really bad about taking pictures. I made a card as part of a group I was making to sell and didn't think much of one of them, but put it in anyway. The lady who bought it thought it was a great card, but I have no idea what it looked like. So I have been trying to remember to take pictures.
I hope to figure out how to get pictures on the main blog page soon. We tried a long time ago, but every time we came back the pictures were gone and there was just a blank box with an x in the corner. Okay before another day is over I want to put together some more cards. God bless you all, and have a great evening.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Okay, so here we are again! I have already composed one of these for today then my computer went crazy, so I lost everything! I will try to remember the ramblings I had written before, lucky you. Maybe there was a reason why it went crazy:).
Anyway...I was able to put up some new pictures in the last slide show box. I wanted to do it yesterday but I couldn't find the thingy that has all my pictures on it. Today as I was getting ready to turn on my computer I noticed something hanging off the side of it. It was the thingy. I had left it in the USB port after I had transferred pictures from my camera. Oh well, I just chalk it up to getting older. Funny story about my mom, she put together a three ring folder with information on where to find stuff she has...she lost the folder! It's one of our big jokes we have on her. She needs to have a book to tell her where to find her book.
Okay so I was excited that I found the thingy, with the pictures on it. THEN I was thrilled that I actually remembered how to get the pictures onto the blog. I still can't get our pictures on the main section of the blog, maybe someday we can figure that one out. We did put on a couple of new songs.
Last night I made a card from an idea out of the new Paper Craft Magazine. It is very inspiring as are all the many blogs I visit each day. There are so many talented people out there. I also worked on a cut file for a birdhouse I saw a long time ago. I love my Gypsy. I almost had it last night. I just need to make the roof a little longer and a smige wider and I need to make the bottom a little narrower. It looked like a regular house with a small roof. After I cut out my first try I realized I had not cut a bottom for the house. The poor little fake birdies would have fallen right out the bottom. Oh well live and learn. I was able to save what I had done on the Gypsy and will try again later.
Okay well I have to go get ready to watch this weeks episode of "LOST", so I can be even more "lost" than last week. LOL Good night everyone, God Bless.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Monday!

I was thinking that I really need to get more into this blogging thing. I just love to and spend too many hours checking out all the wonderful craft blogs out there. I just need a little time trying to figure out how to put pictures on ours. In the past we didn't have any luck with that. We have a cute gallery of our cards on the side, but that's not what I want. I would like to have them as part of the main page. Oh well we will keep trying.
I sent in a card idea to My Pink Stamper as part of a challenge last night, my first challenge. But I think I was too late or it just wasn't good enough, because I didn't see it in the gallery. She did say that she had gotten 400 submissions. I will try again for the next one. There were some really cute cards there.
We will be getting busy here as soon as things slow down a little and get ready to do mass production for this years holiday season. We did pretty good last year and got some very good reviews on our cards. Becky is a social butterfly as of late. She is busy with baby things and many of her co-workers and friends are going down the baby trail as well. We are surrounded, but in a good way. There will soon be baby showers of our own to set up and work related things. Before we know it it will be summer, my favorite time of year.
Hope everyone had an awesome day, God bless you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh my goodness!

We are so bad about keeping this blog going I don't know how all of you guys do it. Any way since you heard from us last we have some exciting news... We are going to be a new mommy (Becky) and a first time grandma! (Ruth) Okay this is how bad we really are. We got the official news in January! The baby is due around July 30th. SHE is going to be sooooooo spoiled! She also has a great granny and grampy waiting for her. I kept telling Becky in God's time. Many things have happened since our last post. The biggest was the baby of course, but there were some not so good things as well, or so I thought. I lost 20% of my pay, all of my benefits and went from 40 plus hours a week to 30 hours a week. It was very devastating at first. But right away we put it in God's hands. Things are working out a lot better than we had anticipated. I have more time for my family and to do the things I love most, my crafts and hopefully soon I will find just the right volunteer opportunity. I have entered my card creations in a couple of contests. We shall see. Happy Sunday everyone.