Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Okay, so here we are again! I have already composed one of these for today then my computer went crazy, so I lost everything! I will try to remember the ramblings I had written before, lucky you. Maybe there was a reason why it went crazy:).
Anyway...I was able to put up some new pictures in the last slide show box. I wanted to do it yesterday but I couldn't find the thingy that has all my pictures on it. Today as I was getting ready to turn on my computer I noticed something hanging off the side of it. It was the thingy. I had left it in the USB port after I had transferred pictures from my camera. Oh well, I just chalk it up to getting older. Funny story about my mom, she put together a three ring folder with information on where to find stuff she has...she lost the folder! It's one of our big jokes we have on her. She needs to have a book to tell her where to find her book.
Okay so I was excited that I found the thingy, with the pictures on it. THEN I was thrilled that I actually remembered how to get the pictures onto the blog. I still can't get our pictures on the main section of the blog, maybe someday we can figure that one out. We did put on a couple of new songs.
Last night I made a card from an idea out of the new Paper Craft Magazine. It is very inspiring as are all the many blogs I visit each day. There are so many talented people out there. I also worked on a cut file for a birdhouse I saw a long time ago. I love my Gypsy. I almost had it last night. I just need to make the roof a little longer and a smige wider and I need to make the bottom a little narrower. It looked like a regular house with a small roof. After I cut out my first try I realized I had not cut a bottom for the house. The poor little fake birdies would have fallen right out the bottom. Oh well live and learn. I was able to save what I had done on the Gypsy and will try again later.
Okay well I have to go get ready to watch this weeks episode of "LOST", so I can be even more "lost" than last week. LOL Good night everyone, God Bless.

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