Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love my Gypsy...

I love my Gypsy. I am learning how to design stuff. If I can see something in my mind I am doing pretty good at making it come to life. I have been wanting a pillow box pattern. I almost have it. A few more tweaks and I will have it. I can't wait to get a final design so I can cut one out and then start decorating it up.
I am home alone again while everyone else is out working and attending all afternoon birthday parties. I love my life, lol. I have a great area to call my own that has all the things I like to do in it. I have my computer for searching for ideas. I have my supply of paper, embellishments, flowers and of course my cricut expression. I have been looking for some more challenges and contests to enter. I was able to make my son a birthday card for his friend today and found a really cool element on Wild Card cricut cartridge.
I am always looking for some sort of male elements for card making. It's easy to make the cute or pretty card. My family is so funny I am always asking them what they think. I am so glad they are honest with me, they are always willing to put in their two cents worth. I can't wait until Becky is done with her social engagements and we can get back to making our cards together again. I miss that, we put on the music and create! We tried doing our cards via web cam once, but it just wasn't the same, it was fun but not AS much fun as being together.
I am lucky because I have a great craft "room". I have enough room to have four people at once doing some sort of craft and all the "junk" to do it with. A friend came over one time and said "boy you weren't kidding about having enough paper!". I think anyone who does paper crafting has a thing for paper. There are so many cool papers out there. You can never have too much! Am I right?
Well "today was good, today was fun, Tomorrow is another one" Dr. Seuss. God bless you all have a good evening.

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