Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will the picture still be here tomorrow?

I must have went on line several times yesterday. Each time thinking to myself I need to write something on the blog. I would log off and remember and come back on. Then log off and remember and have to come back on. Never got there. Each time I would come back on I would go somewhere else and then forget again. You people are just so talented out there! I will start on one persons blog and end up all over the place. What's sad is this how my mind works All the time. I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. There is just too much information out there, LOL. You guys are great! I hope someday, someone besides me, gets to read this, oh well. Until then I will just keep writing.
Okay I am posting a picture of a "Pumpkin Pie" treat holder I made for Thanksgiving last year. I made it with the Tag, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge. I filled each one with M and M's. The turkey was made from circle punches and heart punches. Okay we will see if this is able to stay on our main Blog page.
The "youtube" videos are cool too. I would like to make some of those as well. I have seen some really good ones. I like to go back in time to my favorite sites and see how theirs started out. It's sort of funny to see how they evolved over time. So this makes me feel better. We all have to start somewhere, right?

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