Friday, April 23, 2010

I am on a roll...

down hill fast. No just kidding! It's Friday and who could be unhappy today? My dear hubby saw the fliers reminding me about the "Scrapbook Expo" at the Del Mar Fair Grounds on April 30 (can't go, have to work) and May 1st (we have something else) But maybe we can can sneak over after that. We will have to see. We didn't get to go last time either. But I can't remember why.
Okay so the picture thing is still working, so now I am going to try videos. My son needs to find the tripod. I want to share some of our ideas with everyone. We just have to get people over here, LOL.
Tonight at 7:00 my time "The Pink Stamper" is doing a live video feed. I got to see part of the last one. They are wild, people are typing in questions right and left. I don't know how they could catch anything that was said, it was amazing :). I can't wait.
I might try the video thing tomorrow if Alex finds the tripod. I will be home alone for a while, I think. I just need to find something to show. This should be interesting, LOL. But hey we all have to start some where.
God Bless you all and have a great evening.

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