Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!

Whew! I'm finally back! I have tried for so long to get back on here. Being a young senior citizen is starting to take it's toll on my mind. I have decided I am just going to have to find a very safe place for all of the different passwords I have to use everyday. I have tried several times to post but just didn't have the time to wait and search and create a new password. My family has been so sick as of late that the most we can do is get up, go about our day, come home and collapse.
I feel so bad that I didn't even have the energy to do anything, for anyone, for Valentine's Day. My poor husband only received a quick ecard, only because I could do that from my bed on my Nook tablet. We did get to enjoy a wonderfully peaceful date night on Friday. Dinner at Red Robin and a movie. We saw the movie "safe Haven". What a great date night movie. It was so funny to see all of the couples coming in and hear all the guys in the theater going out saying, "I didn't see that coming, what a great ending". We highly recommend seeing it.
I have been trying to get out top my craft room for so long. I keep looking online at what everyone else is doing and can't wait to feel better enough to do something soon. I totally missed my Valentines opportunity.
I sort of have tomorrow off but have plans that will be taking me away from my craft room again. My time will come soon.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week. God be with you.