Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay here we go again...

Sunday evenings always make me feel like I am getting ready to ride a roller coaster. Except we start at the top of the ride and it's all down hill from there. Then comes Friday and you are at the platform ready to exit the ride. I am not a real fan of roller coasters, do the math, lol.
I received a text from a friend for another graduation card. I had been having ideas in my head about one I wanted to do and this gave me the chance to do it. Becky and I went to Joanne's fabric store today. I bought a new pad of paper, well two actually one small pack and one 12 x 12. It has some cute animals on it and it also has some prints in it that could be used on some male cards. Of course the small pad of paper is all cute and pretty with pink and purple and some glitter paper. Those cards are easy to make. :) Hey what can I say. I also bought some other stuff I was running low on. I had a 50% off coupon, but everything I bought was on sale for 40% off, except the two spools of ribbon I bought for $1.00 each. These stores do this on purpose.
Every Sunday morning I go online real quick to check out this one blog, Dawn's stamping thoughts. She always has a christian video to watch. Even though I grew up listening to the old hymns, I so love the new stuff coming out. They really speak to my heart. You can't help to feel something inside.
God is always with us on matter what, you just have to be able to hand it over to him and let him be in charge of your life. When ever we try to take control without Him, that's when things don't work out. You just have to trust Him and give Him your all. That's all He is asking from you, it's so simple. I may be a very simple minded person, but like a child I run to Him always, as you would run to a parent. He is there for us. John 3:16 For God loved us all so much that he sent His ONLY son to die on a cold lonely cross to save us from sin. All we have to do is confess He is our Lord and savior. God bless you all and have a great evening.

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