Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Thursaday, It's Thursday or Friday Eve...

Just another day in the neighborhood. Went to work, did my job, headed home. BUT then, I had to put gas in my car. I hate doing that, especially on the way home from work. I always have to go potty, so here I am pumping gas and doing the potty dance. My family has learned long ago that when mom comes home get out of the way. There just isn't time to indulge in such trivial things like using the restroom at school. You don't have time. I mean it's go,go, go all day. It's not so bad since I had my hours cut, now I only have to hold it 6 hours instead of 8. I am getting to old for that sort of torture.
Then I came home and had just enough time to load my sons golf gear in the truck and head off to pick him up from school and then drive him to practice. I came back home for a couple of hours and then back to the golf course again. I was able to start a card for my mom's birthday, but it turned out so pretty that I might save it for Mother's Day. We'll see if I have time to put together another birthday card for her and my nephew by tomorrow night. Thank heavens I already have a baby card made for his girlfriend who is due next month.
My aunt, whom I haven't seen in at least 13 years, is in town for my moms birthday. She lives in Central Oregon. I can't wait to see her tomorrow night. My mom wants my husband to make her lasagna for her birthday, so he is. It's not my favorite, but then it's not my birthday either.
I will have to try and post my card I just finished it was inspired again from a picture in the latest Paper Craft Magazine. One of my favorite publications. Okay back to my cards, I won't have time after work tomorrow. God Bless and have a great evening.

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