Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh my goodness!

We are so bad about keeping this blog going I don't know how all of you guys do it. Any way since you heard from us last we have some exciting news... We are going to be a new mommy (Becky) and a first time grandma! (Ruth) Okay this is how bad we really are. We got the official news in January! The baby is due around July 30th. SHE is going to be sooooooo spoiled! She also has a great granny and grampy waiting for her. I kept telling Becky in God's time. Many things have happened since our last post. The biggest was the baby of course, but there were some not so good things as well, or so I thought. I lost 20% of my pay, all of my benefits and went from 40 plus hours a week to 30 hours a week. It was very devastating at first. But right away we put it in God's hands. Things are working out a lot better than we had anticipated. I have more time for my family and to do the things I love most, my crafts and hopefully soon I will find just the right volunteer opportunity. I have entered my card creations in a couple of contests. We shall see. Happy Sunday everyone.

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