Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Friday!!!!

Happy 4th of July weekend! This weekend is our traditional "Chad's Birthday" weekend. Weather permitting everyone comes over here and we eat, celebrate and swim. It's so funny, because most places of work are closed Monday in celebration of the 4th, but not us. We do child care. Several of our parents were surprised that we were open and said that their children probably would not be there. I had one prospective mother asked me if I was sure. I had to laugh at that as I am sure I would know if I got a day off or not. But anyway... we will be there. If nothing else we can get some cleaning done.
Did I mention that we had a wonderful response to our cards last weekend? I received an email update on the relay and it said that over all they brought in more than $100,000.00 for Cancer. I was so excited to hear that, as there were not as many people as there usually are.
I have been trying to catch up on replenishing our card supply. We had some requests for certain cards. We also have an order to fill.
I will post later one new card design I came up with the other day. I just haven't photographed it yet. Have a super weekend and God Bless America and all of you. Ruth

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