Saturday, March 3, 2012

Babies First Year...

I was invited to a former employees baby shower today. She stated on her invitation that they were going with a jungle theme for their new little girl. Times being what they are, I decided to make her a "Babies First Year" mini album. I think it turned out so cute. I used the jungle animals from Create a Critter. I made one pocket page for each month. But instead of putting the months on the tabs, I wrote the numbers, 1-12. I found a stack of paper that was perfect for the backgrounds for each page. Then I stamped a journaling heart for the mommy to be to write a little note to her precious little girl. Each month has a place for a picture on the outside and a pull out page for more fun pictures, mementos or what ever. On some of the pages I added 2 1/2 inch jungle animal from the Create a Critter cartridge. I wasn't able to stay for the whole time so I didn't get to see her open her gifts, I hope she enjoys it. It was fun to make and didn't take me that long to make. I have made one for myself except I put the months on the tabs. I almost forgot to take a picture for February. I ended up taking a picture of our cat doing what he does best, sleeping on my extra craft table chair. But then I remembered something else that happened in February and put that in there too. I love mini albums because they don't take as much effort for me to do a page. So thats my mini album. Have a great Saturday, God bless you all.

 12 pocket pages with numbers


  1. I love this little book! I am trying to decide whether or not to get the "cinch" or the "bind it all" so that I can make little albums such as this one!
    Which one did you use? Do you have any recommendations for which one is better?

    1. Thanks for visiting our site. I see from your blog that you have already chosen the "Cinch". I hope you enjoy it. I love my "bind it all" and have been using a lot lately making the mini albums. Happy crafting.