Saturday, March 10, 2012

graduation cards

Okay I made my first submission to cricut magazine. I have more in the works. I did two variations of a Graduation gift card/money holder card. We will see. When ever I look at the magazine cards they always look so simple to make and they are, so I tried to keep mine simple this time too.

My son graduates this year and I asked him which card he liked best and he chose the one on the right, because it has some pretty embossing on it. He told me to keep them because I will be needing them. I wasn't able to get the inside pictures to line up right on the screen but both of them have a place for either a gift card or money. In the picture below the embossing looks like a kite, but it is really a graduation hat. The one on the left looks like the owl has chicken pox, LOL. Well need to get busy on the rest of my projects. My next one is a scrapbook pet page. The page is done, I just need to get my dog to sit still long enough for a  picture.That will be harder to do than the page was. Have a great weekend my friends and God bless you all.

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