Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello, Hello...

Is anyone out there? I have been trying to post for a couple of weeks but just can't get the computers I am on at the time to work with our blog. I told myself tonight no matter what I was going to post something. So here I am. I have been in a crafting slump as of late. Becky and I went to the scrapbook expo in Ontario last Friday. I haven't had a planned day off from work in over two years, I felt like I was playing hooky. I did have to go in for an hour and a half, but then off we went. We had so much fun time. We usually attend these things on Saturday and the crowds make it sort of hard to get around and see everything. But Friday was so nice, we were able to leisurely just walk around and see  most everything. I think we got lost and turned around just like always but it was still a lot of fun. We were able to take a class and learn some new things. We saw Elena from Charity Wings and talked to her about some of her new endeavors. One was an Art Center she is trying to find a "home" for. We were very excited to hear this. It was so nice to see her again.
I made my hubby an anniversary card tonight. We are celebrating 36 years tomorrow. But since he works third shift and I work afternoons we won't be able to do anything tomorrow. So this weekend we are leaving town to spend some quiet time together. Things get crazy around here sometimes. Here is picture of the card. I found the stamped image in a box where I keep my Valentine stamps. It was perfect, it says "I'm nuts for you". We are all a little nutty around here. Have a great rest of the week and God Bless.

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