Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh me , Oh my...

Oh my, I just noticed I have been neglecting the blog again. I was hoping Becky would pick up some of the slack but alas, no. I have been trying to keep my head above water with work, the baby shower and more.
Each year I put together a video yearbook for my graduating preschoolers and their families as a gift. And each year this project gives me one problem after another. I thought I had it under control this year. The pictures were going in just right, I was having a little trouble with the music, but made due. I had all the titles in, the special effects, everything was going together too easy. Then it came time to burn it to the disks and that is where it all fell computer would not recognize the blank disks. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! First I thought the disks might be too old or something then my son made a traveling song disk for my husband for his trip to Palm Springs for Memorial Day weekend. Of course it worked for him. So it must be my computer.
Plan two start over on another computer. If only they were both the same format but no. One is Vista and the other XP. So I could not take the save video and just move it to the other computer. The real bummer is the movie maker on the XP computer isn't as good. I can't do all the flashy sub-titles and special effects. I can only put one song on and it just plays over and over and over...boring. Also I can only put a title at the beginning and no where else. To say the least not my best work. :( But it is better than nothing I suppose. The children's pictures and activities are worth sharing in one form or another. The only ones who will see the difference are the families who have had older ones graduate with us. But even then they will still appreciate the work put in to them. It's just me. :)
I have to laugh, this is not what I wanted this blog to be but, hey. Some day when life slows down a little maybe we can get back on track. Right now I have a preschool graduation to over see, My son's play opens tomorrow night and goes for two weekends. Then the baby shower and the weekend after that we are doing a "relay for life" the last weekend of the month. So there is June in a nut shell.
Then we start July and so far we have only one small event happening...Just the birth of our first grand baby!:) Okay I am tired now, God bless everyone and have a great weekend.

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