Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Craft Space

I cleaned up my tables today and took some new pictures of my space. My husband built this for me a couple of Christmas' ago. It has room for three people to work at when it is clean. The picture of with the shelves under it is where I keep all my cutting and embossing stuff. The picture with all the drawers is where I do all my creating. My husband is going to make me a washi tape holder next. He just doesn't know it yet. Then there are the shelves I removed from my sons closet, he wasn't using them to their fullest. Now they hold most of my papers, magazines and idea books. I love my room. Opposite the shelves is a fireplace. This room used to be our familyroom. At the other end is my sewing machine and a very large chest of drawers that holds my fabric. There is enough room to set up a five foot folding table so even more creativity can happen. The only thing the room still needs is a door. The opening is large enough for french doors with lots of glass.
So there you go, what I like best is that everyone knows they are welcome to come in a just create. There is so much stuff to use. I hope you enjoyed seeing my room. Have a great evening and God bless.

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