Monday, December 23, 2013

Two More Days...

Two more days until Christmas! It's not the holidays unless a major appliance goes out. We haven't had a furnace in six years. Last night the water heater went out. This will be a very interesting Christmas. All of us having to sponge bathe with water heated on the stove. All you can do is laugh, right? 

This year we have no more children or teenagers living in our house. There are six adults under one roof, ages 20-65. Christmas feels a little different this year. There are lots of things going on and people going in different directions. Some working on Christmas day. But one thing will still be the same, Family. In the evening those who can make it will join us for games, desert and our famous stocking exchange. 

This year has brought many changes in our life. God has been with us, showing us how to embrace these changes. With all of that being said, our holiday wish is that God bless us all this coming year. 

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