Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Day is Almost Done...

Yesterday we welcomed a new baby into the family. My nephew and his girlfriend had a baby girl. I hope I get to see her soon. Right now I am having sinus issues again :(. I hear from great-grandma that she is very cute. I was hoping for a picture on my cell phone today or maybe an email, but not yet. My mom says my nephew is a very proud papa. I am happy for them. My sister is a first time grandma as well. I will get my turn for that in July.
We worked on baby shower invitations on Saturday. I will have to remind Becky to take pictures then we will post them. It's funny, she told me what colors she wanted and then came over with completely different colors. I am glad I didn't have time to finish my sample. She is having a girl and bought a layette set with yellows, tans and butterflies on it. She said she wanted those things on the invites. Here she comes over with pink and brown. There WAS a butterfly on it, I'll give her that. If she reads this I will probably be in trouble.
I am in charge of decorations. I hope I do a good enough job. She says she's not, but she is very particular about things. Which can make a person a little nervous. I mean I don't want to ruin her day because she doesn't like something I have done. I want to do center pieces and banners.
We have gone from what ever to a little garden type theme. We are having it at our church and she wants to use these cute little glass plates we used for the Women's May Tea. It was very pretty. So far we are inviting 40 people and that's not counting all the ladies in the church who have watched her grow up, get married and now the baby. She was ten when we joined, she will be 33 in July.
Well I suppose I should get some stuff done. I have a dear friend getting ready to move back to Oklahoma at the end of the month. I will miss her very much. Thank heavens for the inter net and Facebook. I wish her all the best though she truly deserves it. God Bless you all and have a great evening.

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