Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Whoa, what a week so far. Monday started with me being asked to alter a monkey suit, a "Hairspray" costume and a jazzy vest. Then with my middle daughter, Katie's help we adjusted a couple of other costumes. Then my son, Alex, tried out for a spot in a local youth group performance of "The little Mermaid" AND was asked to run the spot light for another show at another theater. I had three days to alter the costumes, I am almost done. I was feeling like I was on "Project Runway".
Last week was my sons last week of golf on his high school team and he was worried that he would have anything to do after school. He will be busy for the next five weeks. But on top of all THIS, I get a call from his school nurse. He fell during PE and did something to his wrist. As I write this he and his dad are still down at our local children's hospital waiting to find out the extent of his injury and what they are going to do with his wrist. The fun just never ends around here. LOL
Becky is supposed to do a posting tonight and show off some of her handy work. I can't wait to see it. Well I have to get back to the sewing I need to finish making a couple of pink hair bows. Have a great evening, God bless.

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